DIY Towel Holder

So, I had been looking to DIY towel holders for my bathrooms and as usual I visited pinterest for some much needed inspiration. I loved this idea of using wooden beads. So I set on making it with the supplies that I had with me. Of course, I bought the wooden beads of Amazon first….

DIY Kitchen Rug

Do you want to add some extra oomph factor to your kitchen? Does your plain rug bother you much? This DIY answers those question. I had a plain rug in my kitchen, which was very boring. I decided to hand paint the pattern on it to transform it. This was the before look. The plain…

DIY Pink Flamingo Phone case

I was very excited to try and make a DIY phone case for me from long time. But let me tell you, they can be a little bit tricky if you don’t choose the right method or design for the same. Obviously because they are the ones that will be handled by you most in…


If you are like me, you will never have your cords untangled at the ready. It won’t work, though hoe much you want to keep them neat. Its mess of cords whenever you open the bag! (Trust me) Going through my some of the favorite blogs, I stumbled upon the DIY for a cord organizer….

Hey, HI!

Hey, Hi there! My name is Ambika from Pune, India. Welcoming all of you on my blog Pastels & Crystals belongs to all thing DIY i.e. handmade with love. Lets catch some innovative and robust handmade things full of love from Mechanical Engineer yesss that’s right I completed my degree in Mechanical. I live with…