Trying viral DIY Hack | Faux Ceramic DIY

Hello everyone!

So today’s post is about the viral DIY hack that I wanted to try from so long time.

Faux Ceramic DIY hacks have been viral on all social media platforms from few months. In this hack, one uses acrylic paint with a substance to paint over glass, old ceramic or metal jars, bottles or vases. The substance to be mixed can be baking soda or baking powder.

I am using baking soda for my DIY. Ratio of paint to soda is to be 1:1. See the video below to know the full process.

The more the baking soda in your mixture, the more texture you will get. If you want smooth texture, try adding less soda. I love the rough texture of my results.

Do watch the video and let me know will you try this hack? – Ambika.


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