Make Tray from Popsicle Sticks| Popsicle stick Craft Ideas | Popsicle stick DIY | Handmade Tray

Hello everyone,

Its been months since last post, result of pandemic. Pandemic has had everything in the world stopped. I am no different by any means.

But, better late than never, I am back with new content.

Today’s DIY is a havdmade tray of popsicle sticks.

Watch on my YouTube channel how I made this from scratch..

I love herringbone pattern details, so I wanted to make the tray with the same.

I used this tray in my kitchen, to organize my counter top.

I love using trays to organize any counter top or table top. It makes the space look Neat-O-Clean.

Let me know how do you find this DIY in the comments. Also, do follow my blog and my YouTube channel for more such content. – Ambika


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