DIY Macrame Wall Hanging

Hi guys! Today I have a DIY that uses lot of recycled items that maybe lying in your home. Also, it’s my first time trying on the Macrame thing that’s been seen on Pinterest a lot.


So let’s get started, shall we? You will need:

● Embroidery hoop

● Yarn or wool

● Acrylic paint copper or gold

● Paint brush

● Scissors

● Sand paper

● Modpodge


I cleaned up my embroidery hoop. Here I am using the outer part of the hoop, as my inside ring was broken. I also sanded the wood part of the ring and cleaned up the hardware part too.


After I painted the hardware with copper acrylic colour. Here you can use gold too. In my home, there is lot of gold or copper pieces, so I wanted to have the same theme here too.


After it was dry, I used Modpodge to seal the wood part and instantly made the wood look brighter.


After that I took my yarn cut the pieces in equal length. I did not cut to any exact length, just went with how long I wanted them.


Now started tying them on ring. The knot is a simple Macrame knot like shown in below picture. You could also search on YouTube for any tutorials if you want.


After I was finished, it looked like this.


Now is time to hang it on the wall. I decided to hang it in my kitchen. I have a bare wall besides my refrigerator, that I want to decorate. So here is how it looks on the wall. After I hanged it on the wall I cut the ends of yarn in a triangular or arrow shape you can say. I did not like them all straight.





Did you like this DIY wall hanging? If you try don’t forget to share it to me on Instagram. -Ambika


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