DIY Handmade Jute Twine Basket

Images having twine or rope baskets are floating around instagram and pinterest, they add that touch of natural decor to your home. So, I tried my hands at making one myself this time. I looked at inspirations on pinterest and started on it. I decide to do a small one to hold on my knick-knacks off my side table.

You will need:

  • Jute Twine roll (I used 4-5 rolls like shown below)
  • Glue gun
  • Glue sticks
  • Thread-needle
  • Scissors

When I looked at inspirations, I like the look of braided baskets a lot. Also, as twine rolls are very thin, applying glue to it directly was questionable. So I started braiding them, and again braided them, well it was lots of braiding. After I was done applied glue and started to roll in circular base.

I stopped when I was satisfied on the rolled base. I wasn’t aiming for any specific diameter or anything, just went with my feeling. If you want, you can check the diameter of base as you go on with it. At this time, I used thread and needle and started giving shape that I was aiming for. See the photos below.

Using thread and needle, created a corner just pinching at one place and sewn into it. Using the first guide your self to create the remaining. It should look like below. I love how the braided twine look in the center.

This corner of my home is smiling with this little DIY, with my very own smiling little one. Let me know if you liked it. – Ambika.


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