Ganesha Illustration

Hey, guys! I have a super cute illustration to share today. Well, I bought a new sketchbook. And I was going to start painting on it, as I got my hands on it. I was thinking what to start with. Being an Indian-Marathi girl, whenever you start on a new writing book or etc, we write name of Ganesha’s or gods that are dear and near to us. I have been writing Ganesha’s name since long. so, the thought came to my mind that why not to start the sketchbook with a fun Ganesha Illustration.

A little look out for some inspiration on Pinterest here and there, I set out to draw it. I thought of drawing Ganesha playing Cricket. Firstly I got on my sketch of it. The idol holding bat was main difficulty here for me, I searched and looked over many images of how bat is usually held, and then completed my sketch. I hope you can see my sketch below.

I could not get the work in progress photos, as my daughter was sitting next to me. So it was important to finish this one, before she threw any tantrums on me.

I used Winsor and Newton Fine watercolor set, colors used: Flesh tint, Yellow Ochre, Orange, Vermilion, Paynes Grey, Violet, Blue lake. Let me know what do you think on this one. – Ambika.


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