DIY Pink Flamingo Phone case

I was very excited to try and make a DIY phone case for me from long time. But let me tell you, they can be a little bit tricky if you don’t choose the right method or design for the same. Obviously because they are the ones that will be handled by you most in a day than most of your other things.

Before getting this one right, I have had 2-3 other designs that were failed. Anyways I like how it turned out by the way. I will just walk you through the steps which are pretty easy. 
What you will need is-
1. A phone case. I used a white one here. You can use any color or even those transparent ones.
2. Your favourite colors of nail paint
3. Sponges
4. A permanent marker or sharpie
I started with three colors of nail paints, but ended up with using lot of pink ans a little nude.
Make sure to make small square pieces of your sponge for better application of nail paint.
Just apply the nail paint on sponge and smudge it on your phone case like in the picture.
As I went applying, I liked how the white color of phone case was peeking through here and there, which sort of gives the abstract look. If you don’t want this make sure to cover every bit of your case.
After the paint is dried, just draw the design on it with a sharpie pen. I went with the origami flamingo.
This step is optional. To seal the design you can use some type of sealant that works on plastic very well or use top coat of nail paint.
I have been using it for almost 3-4 weeks and its holding very nicely.What do you think? Let me know in the comments.- Ambika.

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