DIY Black Pearl T-shirt

Black pearl? Yes black pearl. When I was thinking for the name of this post, it kept coming back to me. It sounded so familiar. And then I realized where it came from. If any of you guys came here looking for Jack Sparrow’ Black Pearl (Pirates of Carribean, of course),
then I am sorry to break that it is not the one. #laughing #punintended

This is really easy one. What you need:

– Old or thrifted T-shirt
– Pearls ( I used black glass beads that I already had)
– Matching thread
– Needle
– Scissors
Before Photo
1) I tried 2-3 patterns to sew on by placing my pearls on the T-shirt. Please remember to actually place your pearls, so that you know you have enough pearls on hand to sew your pattern. This was the one I liked the most. Its just a diamond pattern done with 2 pearls.
2) I just marked the positions which were good for me with the chalk. And start hand sewing it one by one. Make sure your pearls are sewn tight, so they won’t fall off.
3) And you are done!
This was my first time adding embellishments to fabric. I thought it might be less time consuming, but in the end it took a lot time than I had imagined.
But it turned out as I have imagined. Did you like this one? What do you think,  yay or nay? -Ambika,

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