DIY Denim Mudcloth Clutch

Are you one of those girls, who literally wants and needs to carry all the world in her handbag? Even though you have so many things, you keep them organized in your manner, you know where to find what you are looking for. I can’t tell you about you, but I am one of those girls. I have to have all those things. In order to keep my things organized in my handbag, I was in need of a small clutch. So check it out below what I made!

I was sure that I will use Denim fabric for the clutch. As to what the clutch should look like or should I add any embellishments on it or paint it, I was searching for the inspiration around. I am seeing lot of those Mudcloth prints here and there. The thought came, why not to clutch this? (While original mudcloth is made by dyeing, I thought why not to paint. As dyeing would really be lengthy process).
Supplies you will need:
– Denim fabric (I cut the pieces in 20 x 12cm)
– A zip in white color
– Thread and needle (I am handsewing, but if you have sewing machine you have a plus point)
– White fabric paint
– Brush (I used number 8 brush)
– Scissors.
Take your denim pieced and facing right side together, sew the zip on both the fabric.
Now its time to sew the pieces together. Facing right sides together, sew on it. ( You can see my hand stitches in below photo.)
After finished sewing, turn the clutch inside out. It will look like below photo. I love how the blue denim looks good. 
Now its time to paint. I tell you painting this design was very quick and simple. Simplicity at its best.
This is how it looks after finishing. I love that it can carry very small things to a small notebook too like this Cord organizer. those small needy items from my handbag will be pretty organized now.

I love it by the look and use of it, too. What do you think? Do you like it? -Ambika.

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  1. Too good Ambika.. loved ur blog gonna try this soon!!Keep going gal..


  2. Thank you very much Aditi. So happy you like it. If you try it, let me know. I will love to see it.


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