Twenty Seventeen (+ Free Printable)

Happy Twenty Seventeen, friends! 

I thought to share what I’d like to have my 2017 to be like.
  • Dream more! And I say it loudly more means more.
  • Health is more important going forward in life. A lot depends on your health. If you are not healthy enough, what is the purpose of having those dreams. Its what I learnt from my twenty-sixteen.
  • Evolve this blog in a way that I have dreamed of.
  • Courage to take on that road which ultimately leads to all these above things.
  • Happiness to experience in every little things, with my husband, family, friends and this little blog of mine.
So why not create a list and let it be in front of my eyes all around the year. If you want to download this list to encourage you throughout the year, download it below or pin it to your favorite Pinterest board.
Have a happy and healthy 2017! – Ambika.

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