Easy DIY Flower Vase as Bookend

Let’s be honest! If you have to buy a nice bookend online or in stores, they cost you a lot. I searched on the internet and my dear friend Pinterest, high and low, but ideas out there either cost a bit high than my budget or they are time consuming. This idea came to my mind when we were thinking to add flowers to our living room, why not DIY it – flower vase as bookend.

Supplies needed:
– Two identical glass jars or vases ( I used my empty Nutella jars)
– Artificial flowers (You can use fresh flowers too)
– Acrylic paint in Copper color. 
– Brush.
Clean your jars from inside out. Take your paint and brush, you are ready to draw. I chose to draw polka dots in a bit organized manner. You could draw any other pattern or design of your liking. Let the paint dry. It took 10-15 min. to dry the paint for me.
I found this roses on Amazon and I ordered them at once. Add the flowers in your jars. Your flower vase is ready.
Get your books ready and organize them however you want. By color, by category, by language. I chose to organize by color. Place your vases and your bookend is done.
We just moved into our apartment like 3 months ago! I am slowly getting to decorate the house as I can. Decorating a house literally takes a lot of time. Either you don’t like the stuff, or it is too pricey, or it doesn’t fit in your house. Are any of you new homeowners? Do you feel the same? Did you like the this DIY bookend? Let me know in the comments or give a shout out on Instagram / Pinterest.
– Ambika.

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  1. Shreya J says:

    That looks really pretty!


  2. Thank you so much Shreya!


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