If you are like me, you will never have your cords untangled at the ready. It won’t work, though hoe much you want to keep them neat. Its mess of cords whenever you open the bag! (Trust me) Going through my some of the favorite blogs, I stumbled upon the DIY for a cord organizer. I, like many others, hit the pinterest and searched for many pins like the one. While all of them were really good, I couldn’t start one making at a moment’s notice, as I had not any material on hand. So I thought, why not make one tutorial in one of the pool of DIY’s out there.

What you will need:
– Scrap Denim Fabric (Go on, take out your old jeans)
– Fabric Scissors
– Push Buttons
– Needle and Thread
– Fabric Paint
– Toothpick
– Pen/Marker/Fabric Chalk

Use a marker/ chalk to trace out a circle on the scrap Denim pieces (I used a small bowl). Cut out two circles of the same size from the fabric.
Sew on your push button on right side of one of the cut pieces (You can mark your position of buttons before sewing)
Keep both the pieces facing right side together, so that the wrong side faces as shown in above picture. Sew on as shown in picture for almost 3/4th circle and leave some space (Just like you’ll do while sewing pillows). Take them out and sew from outside.
Use toothpick and draw on some design with fabric paint of your choice (you can use paintbrush too). I liked to keep it simple, so I decided to just touch up a bit. Let the paint dry. (This step is totally optional.)
And Ta-da! Its done. I hope you like this quick and easy DIY. What do you think? Let me know in comments.. – Ambika

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